Sheriff Richard Mack

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Sheriff Richard Mack describes the duties and authority of the County Sheriff. Very enlightening information.



  • Jesse says:

    What is sheriff Mac and Oath keeper doing for Florida Sheriff Nicholas Finch who was sent to prison. see attached website for further details I only see that the last great hope of saving are nation is the People.

  • How can the Governor of Delaware legally remove powers from its Sheriffs’? Why is the Pa. Sheriff’s Association run by so many retired State police and local Poe Dunk borough police chiefs, with their Chiefs of Police unions, that are jealous of the powers of the Sheriffs’. They are holding us back. I have been hearing for years that we were going to do more in the line of Law Enforcement, as the Sheriffs’ of the Southern States. Nothing ever changes though. The training is always the same also. It is very frustrating! Even if we did expand our services, we are bound by the budget afforded us by the County Commissioners. I would love to see some real change and not just the same old smoke and mirrors.