Donna Fike

Previous Co-Coodinator of CSBP

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The Saga of the Toilet Takers

A sheriff is elected by the people, he works for the people. He is the ONLY elected Law officer of the county, as such he is the Supreme Law officer of the county 
and he works for and is accountable to We the People. He should not take orders from any one – except the People to whom he is accountable. Should he be ordered to do anything which would violate his oath to the Constitution, it is his duty to disobey such orders; whether they come from the people or some governmental agency. The Constitution trumps any and all laws or orders which violate its principles. It is the supreme law of the land and your sheriff has agreed by sworn solemn oath to uphold it.Within the boundary of his county the sheriff has more power than the President of the United States. The following example illustrates the point of how much power a sheriff really possesses.The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Toilet Takers (AT&TT) come to your county and declare it is now illegal to own a toilet. They will be removing all toilets from the county this week! The people say; We don’t want you to take our toilets, we like our toilets. The AT&TT say; Too bad we are here to take them! After some debate about the fact that the Constitution does not prohibit the owning and use of toilets, but instead protects the private ownership of property; thus we are free to have them; the sheriff is called. The people explain to the sheriff the situation and remind him that it is not against the Constitution to own a toilet, and he needs to step in and make them go away. It is the responsibility of the Sheriff to protect the people. He has sworn an oath to do just that! He works for the people! He, as the Sheriff, has the power and authority given to him by The People, to tell the ˜Toilet Takers’ that The People have spoken, they will be keeping their toilets! Now they, the AT&TT, have a choice. They can peacefully leave the county without any toilets or they may sit in the county jail. It is their choice.
We the people need to keep in mind thatwe have a duty to support the Sheriff in the execution of his duty. We need to ˜have his back’. He needs to know that he does not stand alone; that we are standing with him to protect our God given rights as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It does not matter what entity comes to violate the rights of the people of the county; whether they be private individuals committing the crime or representatives of some Federal, State, International, or Local government agency. A crime is a crime regardless of what form or color of law the perpetrator may bear. It remains the Sheriff’s duty to work for the people! To Protect and defend the Constitution! They swore an Oath to do just that! We need sheriffs in every county that understand their duty and have the intestinal fortitude to follow through and uphold their Oath to the Constitution!

Written by, Donna Fike