Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

America’s Sheriffs Double Down On Liberty
Convention for Sheriffs and Peace Officers Creates Strength and Unity


On the 225th anniversary of the signing of our Constitution, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) had it’s second national convention at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. More than 150 sheriffs, peace officers, deputies, county commissioners, state legislators, and judges from 27 different states gathered on September 17th to œdouble down on their commitment œTo Serve and Protect; To Uphold and Defend (which is the CSPOA motto). The message of this convention was a simple one: Put liberty and the Constitution first, keep your oath, and defend the rights of every citizen.

An incredible collection of nearly twenty sheriffs, lawyers, county commissioners and constitutional scholars from across the country gave presentations that inspired and empowered the attendees by answering questions such as, œWho is it locally who actually has the duty to enforce State Sovereignty and local autonomy? Who has the ultimate responsibility to protect citizens from an out of control government? How did it ever happen that policies of DC bureaucracies supersede the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

The convention was highlighted by an awards banquet with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona as keynote speaker. Arpaio received the CSPOA Lifetime Achievement Award. Sheriff Jeff Christopher from Sussex County, Delaware, was named the CSPOA Sheriff of the Year. Sheriff Christopher has been battling the State and County over the issue as to whether or not the sheriff actually has the authority to make arrests. (No joke.) He stated that The Delaware Constitution makes it clear that the sheriff is the œconservator of the peace in every county, yet Beau Biden, the State A.G. (yes, the son of Joe Biden) has declared œthe conservator of the peace has no arrest powers!

Over a dozen of the other sheriffs in attendance also shared real-life experiences from their own jurisdictions, each showing how they are battling against many such distortions of our history and Constitutions in an effort to push back against encroaching Federal agencies.

Two other awards were issued, one to Nannette Carley, a businesswoman from Houston for CSPOA Citizen of the Year and another to for Sponsor of the Year.

Former Sheriff Richard Mack “ the organizer of the event and founder of the CSPOA “ said that all the presenters at the convention spoke without requiring a fee; some even paid their own travel expenses to reach the conference. Such is their dedication to this important cause. Mack also commented that faithfully preserving our freedoms by promoting adherence to constitutional ideals is one of the primary goals of the CSPOA.

The convention was summarized appropriately by Sheriff Sam Page from North Carolina who said, œI have learned more in one day at this convention than I have in all the sheriffs’ meetings I’ve been to in the last 15 years.

A civilian conference attendee commented that watching as one reliable witness after another stood and testified of the gradual destruction of our liberties and individual rights across the nation was a powerfully moving experience.

The sheriffs may have avoided the casino tables in Las Vegas, but they clearly took this opportunity to ‘double down’ on the constitutional principles they hold so precious.

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