About A Posse

The Sheriffis empowered tohire deputies to assist him in the performance of his duties. The Sheriff is also invested with the power of “Posse Comitatus” (the power of the county), which means he may call upon the entire “non-military” population of the county above the age of 18 to assist him in certain cases, to aid in keeping the peace.

A Posse member is an uncompensated citizen volunteer. Whilevaryingin capabilities and skills, all Possemembers shall have one unifying goal ” to support the Sheriff of each County in Pennsylvania as he or she upholds their solemn oath of office to protect and defend the rights and liberty of his constituents, as delineated in theUnited StatesandPennsylvania Constitutions.

All Possemembers are trained to participate and respond to missions such as: Search & Rescue, Injustice Intervention, Civic Education, Disaster Relief and Emergency Support.

The concept of the Posse is a goal that must be realized in each County of Pennsylvania. It will require a Sheriff who recognizes the value and necessity of such a asset. Although the Posse is not currently utilized in Pennsylvania to any extent, it is an important element of the County structure in many western states, such as Arizona, Wyoming, and Nevada.

To see the full scope and impact of a fully organized and implemented Posse, take a look at how it is done out in Maricopa County, Arizona. https://www.mcso.org/careers/posse/

It is exciting torealize the potential ofhow “We The People” can lawfully participate and make a difference in the efforts to keep the peace in each County of Pennsylvania.