NULLIFICATION – The “Rightful Remedy” for “ObamaCare”

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Pennsylvania was one of the original States that ratified the1787 Constitution, which created the United States of America as a constitutional republican form of government.

The States, as originally intended, are the superiors parties to the Constitution for the United States of America. This Compact gave limited, enumerated powers to the central government, which the Framers and the States™ Conventions of their People had created. (The creator is always superior to its creation, unless specifically stated otherwise) The 9th and 10th Amendments to the Constitution for the United States of America, ratified on December 15, 1791, further clarified the limitations of the delegated powers granted to the USA and the States by the People. Therefore, the United States government, particularly its Courts, are not superior to the States, except with respect to the limited powers specifically enumerated in the federal Constitution. Thus, each State of the Union retains the lawful authority to challenge any action of those in the government of the United States of America that exceeds its specific, limited, enumerated powers. This is called œInterposition or œNullification.

Kentucky became the 15th State of these United States of America in 1792.

In November of 1799, the word œNullification was used for the first time in a Resolution passed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in support of its and Virginia™s1798 Resolutions, written by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, respectfully. These Resolutions proclaimed the œAlien and Sedition Laws to be usurpations of powers delegated to Congress. Kentucky and Virginia, while pronouncing their continued commitment to remain in the Union, emphatically stated that they could not stand silence and thus seemingly acquiesce to these gross and blatant usurpations of powers not delegated to the central government in the Constitution. (See: Thomas E. Woods, Jr.™s 2010 Book – titled: Nullification “ How To Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century (ISBN 978-1-59698-149-2))

Pennsylvania is one of the 26 States of the Union that are Plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of œThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as œObamacare, in the Case filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida. (Case Docket No.: 3:10-CR-91-RV/EMT)

Governor Tom Corbett, then Pennsylvania™s Attorney General, officially claimed that œObamaCare is unconstitutional when, on March 23, 2010, he joined Pennsylvania in the Case filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, Pensacola Division by the State of Florida™s AG, Pam Bondi.

On January 31, 2011, U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson ruled that œObamacare is unconstitutional.

In his January 31st decision, Judge Vinson discussed at length, starting on page 19 of his 78 page opinion, the history of the œCommerce Clause of the Constitution for the United States. He confirmed, using extensive documented references, that the original intent of the œCommerce Clause was to make interstate commerce œregular or consistent among the several States of the Union, thus encouraging interstate commerce by eliminating the then destructive practice by several States, under the Articles of Confederation, of imposing various tariffs and taxes on products sold across State lines. He also confirmed that insurance contracts were not considered by the Framers to be œarticles of commerce.

On January 31, 2011, before knowing about the ruling by Judge Vinson, members of the County Sheriff Brigades of Pennsylvania (CSBP) hand-delivered a one page, personalized letter and a copy of Sheriff Richard Mack™s booklet titled œThe Victory For State Sovereignty to the office of the Governor, Lt. Gov., Acting AG and each State Senator and Representative. Please read, or re-read, these documents.

It is well past time for this State to send a clear, emphatic message to all those in Washington, D.C. that: œObamaCare is, and always has been, unconstitutional, and thus is null and void. Therefore, Pennsylvania shall not participate in this unlawful and very costly œfederal regulatory program.

(County Sheriff Brigades of Pennsylvania,c/o P.O. Box 211, Elverson, Pa. 19520)

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  • Milt Farrow says:

    Dear Mr Reil: Thank you for the superb effort in helping the “joining of patriot’s thoughts ” of our nation. While I agree with the general course of action, I find some areas of concurrence problematic. That while the method of arrival that concluded in OBAMCARE was obviously wrong. The attack on the issue in and of itself represents ” Kill the Messenger, I don’t care HOW IT GOT HERE.” * That the Real issue should be, The “Unitary Presidency established well before the past 143 years of our Government. The Treason of 1871m, and the Illegal replacement of the “ORGANIC CONSTITUTION” Should be the Judicial target of a Grand Jury, For the “Reversal of this illegal document and it’s seclusion from public view and knowledge is the crux of the problem. For IT WILL SET ASIDE THE CEO OF A ONCE PROUD NATION
    TERMED The United States of America – Vs ( Please notice Caps) THE UNITED SATES CORP–This is where we are right now……………………..The problem was the deal with the Bankers in 1871 as ratified by congress in 1873……IT ESTABLISHED A CORPORATION SO THAT RATHER THAN A PRESIDENT WE HAVE A C.E.O. We had stopped being a free standing Democratic Republic as of 1871 and slowly have taken of the form and shape of a Mercantile Fascist state ( I lost 10 of my family to the 3rd Reich, we now have an “Emulation ” of that hated regime right here….The Socialist Democrats of the Third Reich was anything but liberal, nor progressive, nor democratic, neither of these momenclatures fit or resemble the
    Taking over of the 3rd Reich by BANKERS TOO BIG TO FAIL.. I stand ready to respond to any and all inquiries with regards to my comments based on historical fact a/w/a personal experience and knowledge